Veterans Disability

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What are veterans (va) disability benefits?

A veteran may qualify for VA Disability Benefits for physical or psychological service-related impairments. You have earned these benefits as a result of your military service. If you are found to have a service-related injury, condition or illness, you may be entitled to these benefits which include monthly payments to you, and in some cases, to your family.

Eligibility for veterans disability benefits

Veterans’ disability benefits are generally available to veterans who meet certain criteria:

  1. Honorable discharge or separation from the military;
  2. A condition that began during the veteran’s time of service or was exacerbated by the veteran’s service;
  3. Current evidence that the condition continues to impact the veteran’s functioning.

It is also important to note that if you have a condition that is service-related and it causes another condition to develop, that second condition can qualify you for benefits as well. Sub-standard care at a VA hospital that causes an injury is also considered service connected.

In addition, veteran disability benefits are available for a wide range of service-connected injuries and conditions… not just the ones you can see. In addition, many service-connected injuries do not become severe until years after the veteran has left the military.

How to apply for veterans disability benefits?

Veterans who meet the four basic requirements above are encouraged to first apply for benefits without using an attorney. You may apply for veterans disability benefits using VA Form 10-10EZ. This form is available on the veteran’s website (, at any VA medical facility, or via mail by calling 1-800-827-1000 with your request. Some veterans are approved at this initial level. However, should you be denied, Burgess & Christensen is here to provide an evaluation of your case at no charge to determine if we can assist you in pursuing your claim. Please call our office at to speak with one of our team members, or send us an email.