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Handling Social Security Appeals In Federal District Court

An appeal to federal court is often the last step in trying to obtain disability benefits. To file an appeal at this stage, you must have first appeared before an administrative law judge and argued your case before the Social Security Appeals Council.

Pursuing a Social Security appeal in federal district court is not a quick or easy process. You must file a lawsuit and with present legal arguments as to why the administrative law judge and Social Security Appeals Council were wrong in denying your claim. Even with a strong case, the proceedings can take months, even years. Representation by an attorney is highly recommended at this complex stage.

As with other steps in appealing a denial, time is of the essence. Don’t risk giving up your opportunity to appeal by missing important deadlines.

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Many disability law firms only handle Social Security Disability claims at the administrative level. They rarely take appeals to the Social Security Appeals Council or federal court. As a result, those who initially had the help of a lawyer often find themselves stranded when they need professional guidance the most.

At Burgess & Christensen, we do things differently. Our attorneys will not shy away from taking strong cases to the Appeals Council or federal district court. We firmly believe that, if you are entitled to receive benefits, you should not give up due to the complexities involved in navigating federal court. Instead, turn to our firm for detailed, one-on-one guidance.

We have the commitment and perseverance to fight for you. We will not give up, even when the road ahead becomes difficult.

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Success in the federal court appeal usually means that your case will be sent back to an administrative law judge for further review, perhaps even to the same judge who denied your case in the first place. Because our office handles multiple stages of the Social Security process, we will continue to protect your interests, exhausting every last means of pursuing a favorable outcome. By leaving your case in our capable hands, you can rest assured that your voice will be heard in the legal system.

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