Supplemental Security Income

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What Are Supplemental Security Income Benefits?

The Social Security Administration established the Supplemental Security Income (SSI) program to help individuals who do not have a sufficient work history and/or who have not paid enough quarters into Social Security but need assistance. SSI eligibility is based on your specific financial need combined with your medical disability.

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At the Burgess & Christensen, our legal team has devoted 30 years to helping individuals pursue and obtain the benefits they deserve. We possess extensive Social Security program knowledge. We will evaluate your claim from every angle to determine the best course of action.

SSI Claims Process

The initial application. The process of filing your initial application is fairly simple, however, it is important to include appropriate documentation. We can help you with the application to increase your chances of receiving the benefits to which you are entitled. Please note it can take up to eight or nine months to get your results back, but benefits can be paid retroactively. Recently, the Social Security Administration has identified a number of conditions under Compassionate Allowances that will immediately entitle you to an approved application. We will review your claim to see if your conditions meet these guidelines.

To learn more about Compassionate Allowances, you may click here.

Reconsideration. If your claim is denied at the initial application, we can help you file a request for reconsideration. This stage of the process can also take eight or nine months, but only rarely results in a fully favorable decision. Further appeals may be necessary.

Administrative hearing. If your claim is denied at the reconsideration level, we can represent you at a hearing before the administrative law judge. According to Social Security’s own statistics*, you have a better chance to win benefits if you let a qualified lawyer handle your disability claim. More cases are approved at the hearing level than at any other. It is your best opportunity to present your case in person to the judge who is the decision maker. We are committed to helping individuals pursue and obtain the benefits they deserve.

**November 16, 2001 Congressional Record, Testimony of Honorable Robert T. Matsui of California, regarding the Attorney Fee Payment System Improvement Act 2001.

Medical Evidence

The medical disability qualifications for SSDI and SSI are also identical. We work closely with medical professionals to ensure your medical records are accurate and complete. Incomplete or insufficient medical information can cause your application to be denied. We know how to present medical evidence to best support your claim in order to prove that your disabilities meet the strict qualification set forth by Social Security.

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