When You Need Disability Benefits, Get Assistance You Can Rely on Every Step of the Way

An injury or illness that destroys your ability to work can have a devastating effect on your life. At a time when it can be nearly impossible to cope with the functions of daily living, you have the added worries about paying bills and managing the process of trying to obtain disability benefits.

At this difficult time, we urge you to let Burgess & Christensen help. Our team can assist in so many ways, and it won’t cost you any more to take advantage of our aid sooner rather than later because our fees are based on results rather than billable hours.

Our Goal: Take the Burden off Your Back

At Burgess & Christensen, we focus our practice on disability claims. We know the processes and criteria of the Social Security Administration backward, forward, and inside out. For that reason, we urge you to place the burden of pursuing your claim for benefits on us, because we are built to handle it.

You have enough to do focusing on your health and improving your quality of life. We can move your claim forward by filling out the paperwork, communicating with the Administration and your physicians, and managing all the details of your claim. This is what we do all day every day, and we understand how to approach each step with maximum efficiency.

We Truly Care About Helping You Move Forward

The reason that our team practices disability law is that we all find great satisfaction in helping others recover after a severe setback in their lives. Because we concentrate on Social Security disability claims, we have developed an understanding of the process that few people manage to attain. We share the benefit of that knowledge and experience to help people who have been let down by the system.

Knowing that we are working to benefit others is very uplifting professionally. So when you allow us to do more to help you, we feel that we are accomplishing the goals we were meant to achieve.

Our goal is to help you gain benefits which provide financial support, health insurance, and to help you restore some sense of normalcy to help you toward a better future.

It’s a Marathon Rather than a Sprint

Unfortunately for most people who qualify for disability benefits through the Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) or Supplemental Security Income (SSI) programs, the process of gaining approval for benefits involves multiple stages that can take years to complete. It’s a marathon rather than a sprint.  

One feature that differentiates Burgess & Christensen from other disability law firms is that we are prepared to persevere by your side throughout the entire marathon. We don’t just pop in once in a while to offer encouragement or show up at the end to take all the credit. Instead, we help you get ready, set, and go through every stage.

We help you ensure that the Social Security Administration has the evidence that they need to thoroughly review your claim. We prepare documents to satisfiy the meticulous requirements of the Social Security Administration examiners, demonstrating the severity of your disability and how it prevents you from working. We consult with your medical professionalswhen necessary to show why it is unrealistic to expect you to support yourself with the limitations you are experiencing. 

We can prepare your initial application, pursue reconsideration, and advocate with you at a hearing to ensure the Administrative Law Judge understands all the facts that weigh in your favor. We can even pursue additional appeals in some cases. We will not rest until the process is complete.

Let’s Talk

Whether you have just suffered an injury and are unsure about the future impact or you’ve been struggling to obtain benefits for some time, we would be happy to talk to you about the ways our team can assist. Like other firms who help with Social Security Disability claims, Burgess & Christensen works on a contingency fee basis. So instead of sending you a bill for each hour that we work to help you, we collect a fee that is based on the results we help you achieve. The sooner you begin working with our team, the more help you can receive from us—all for the same fee.

The bottom line is that we want to help. So reach out to Burgess & Christensen today and take your first step toward a stronger future.